Heating Panels, Energy Efficient,


Temperatures of 80-85°C.

Silent heating system.

Ensa Panel heaters are manufactured using quality materials using high grade steel. The heating element is located in the middle of the panel. This is made from a resistive amorphous strip which is arranged in the form of stripes across the panel perimeter. The panel is finished using a powdered paint that is safe, durable and can withstand high temperatures. The heating element is covered with a non-combustible, heat-resistant silicone.

The ultrathin heating element is in the form of a metal strip which is corrosion resistant and has high wear resistance and a service life of 30 years. It can operate at temperatures of 80-85°C. The operation of the heating element is silent during the heating and cooling process. The side walls on the panel creates a directional flow of convective air that increases the efficiency of the heater. Ensa P500T and P750T panels have a built-in mechanical thermostat.

Ensa P750G Visio

Clear glass. 

Invisible heat.

Elegant and light. 


Ensa P750

Thermostat control. 

Convection and infrared heat transfer. 

Electrical panel heater. 

Ensa Infrared Panel 900G

Wall/ceiling mounted. 

Infrared and convection heat transfer. 

Electric heater. 

Ensa P750E

Convection and infrared heat transfer.

Remote control thermostat.

Primary or auxiliary heat. 

Ensa P750T

Built-in thermostat.

Manual control.  

Infrared and convection heat transfer.