Dual function.

Shear-stable viscosity.

Maximum performance.

Hydraulic oil (hydraulic liquid) differs from other lubricants in that it has a dual function: it is a lubricant and a medium through which power is delivered to the whole hydraulic system.

Hydraulic oils are typically used in hydraulic brakes, power steering systems, transmissions, excavators, lifts, trucks and industrial machinery.

Invest in hydraulic oils for:

  • Increased machine productivity
  • Decreased diesel/electricity consumption
  • Maximum power transfer

Q8 Haydn 32

Optimum anti-wear performance.

Long service life.

Gives trouble-free operation.

Q8 Haydn 46

Protects the engine against the build up of corrosion and wear. 

Protect against cam wear and bore polishing.

Versatile and popular.

Q8 Haydn 68

Optimum anti-wear performance. 

Trouble-free operation. 

Applicable to a wide range.

Hydrax 32

Full anti-wear hydraulic fluids.

Performance improvement additives.

Industrial power transmission and control systems.


Hydrax 46

Excellent anti-wear characteristics.

Corrosion protection.

For industrial use.


Hydrax HVI 46

Superior temperature characteristics.

Good oxidation resistance.

High viscosity index.


Hydrax 68

Industrial power transmissions.

Hydraulic power transmissions.

Performance improvement additives.