Radiator coolant.

Prevent engine overheating.

Change coolant regularly.

Each vehicle is fitted with a radiator that needs equal parts water and coolant (antifreeze) to prevent the engine from overheating - do not use just water in the radiator. Coolant levels are easy to check because they are held in a see-through reservoir with a maximum and minimum line on the side.

Checking your coolant:

  • Coolant always has a colour. If yours is colorless, looks rusty, or has things floating around in it; it is time to flush the system and ad new coolant.
  • If your coolant has an oily surface, bring the vehicle immediately to the mechanic.

Q8 Anti-freeze

Engine coolant.

Corrosion protection.

Year round application.


Universal engine coolant.

Suitable for year-round use.

High performance.