Engine lubrication.

Diesel lubricating oil.

Change oil frequently.

In order to keep the parts on your diesel engines running efficiently and effectively, you must change the engine lubricating oil frequently. Glen Fuels distributes the best range of diesel engine lubricating oils.

Your vehicle manual will tell you how often to change the engine lubricating oil. It can be tempting to put oil changes on the long finger to get the maximum length of time between oil changes. Over the past 30 years of operating a fleet of diesel trucks and cars we have learnt that more frequent oil changes result in a healthy and longer life for the vehicle - in diesel engines, extreme heat and pressure contaminate the lubricating oil more quickly.

Three step care for your vehicle:

  • Check your oil dipstick at least once a week
  • Change the oil filter every time you change the oil
  • It is perfectly normal for diesel lubricating oil to turn back within minutes of you starting the engine

Q8 T520 SAE 30


Mixed fleet.

Hydraulic systems.

Q8 T750 15W/40

Passenger cars, trucks and off-road applications.

Prolonged oil drain intervals reduce maintenance costs.

Quick lubrication after cold starting.

Q8 T760 10W-30

High performance synthetic heavy duty engine oil.

Fuel economy improvement.


Q8 T760 15W-40


High performance synthetic heavy duty engine oil.

USA EPA 2007, Euro IV, Euro V & Euro VI diesel engines.

Premium V 5w/30

Lubricant performance over extended drain intervals.

Very high standards of engine cleanliness.

Effective fuel efficiency.

Premium F 5w/30

Very high standards of engine cleanliness.

Long term anti-wear and oxidation stability.

Excellent high and low temperature performance.

Premium 10w/40

Excellent high and low temperature stability.

Improved fuel efficiency.

Improved oil consumption and emissions.

Eurofleet LS 10w/40


Extra high performance.

Diesel engine oil.

EuroFleet 15w/40

Improved wear protection and soot dispersancy.

Latest industry standard ACEA E7 and API CI-4.

Long haul vehicles needing a Euro 4 of Euro 3 grade.

Eurofleet HD 10w

Turbocharged engines.

Naturally aspiration diesel engines.

High dispersancy.